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Call to Worship – I Will Not Be Shaken

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2012 by Monty Ader - psa.62.5-8

“Wait calmly for God alone, my soul, because my hope comes from Him. He alone is my Rock and my Savior—my Stronghold. I cannot be shaken. My salvation and my glory depend on God. God is the Rock of my strength, my Refuge. Trust Him at all times, you people. Pour out your hearts in His Presence. God is our Refuge. Selah” Psalm 62:5-8

As the year is coming to a close and a new year is approaching, our thoughts may bend toward evaluating what has been and may hope for what is to come. Our view of life on this Earth is skewed because of time; we cannot see what is ahead of us, only what is behind. The way that we see ourselves, through our eyes, determines our actions and expectations. But what if we decided to try to see our circumstances through God’s eyes: how some of the difficult things that have happened or are going to happen actually have divine purpose. I love the verse from the above Psalm that says, “I cannot be shaken. My salvation and my glory depend on God.” Isn’t that awesome? “I will not be shaken!” If my expectation now is that God is in control, not me, what do I have to worry about? When I put my faith and absolute trust in God alone, I begin to see through His eyes. Whatever comes my way is of no surprise to “my Savior- my Stronghold.” He knows exactly how and what to do in every situation, and I can “trust Him at all times.” I can hope in Him alone. I pray that you will join me in “wait(ing) calmly for God alone.”

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