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What a Weekend!

Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2018 by VP Office Administrator

What a Weekend!
Whew, what a whirlwind of a weekend and week-after days since our Easter Sunday Eggstravaganza at the Cool Insuring Arena:

-About 450 people attended the event (way more than would have come to 543 Ridge Road had we held church here!)
-12 families prayed to received Christ and are being followed up
-Everyone who registered through Eventbrite, our online registration service, has received a special communication and invitation to worship with us on Sunday
-Six families won prizes and have been notified. Several have visited the church office already to pick up their prizes and thank us personally!

Now What?
It would be easy to forget that the real work of Easter Sunday begins this weekend. People will stop in to check out the church that gave so extravagantly to their families. Everyone at VP must be on their toes, wide open to receiving guests and generously sharing Christian warmth and welcoming to our new friends. People will decide if they are returning in the first several minutes of their visit. Let’s give them every opportunity to do so!

Ministry Leaders Reminder
All ministry leaders must be ready to receive guests, too. VP Kids volunteers must be ready for new kids. Greeters must stay at their posts a little longer to welcome late arrivals. Refreshment people must have extra food. Volunteers must watch to be sure we have enough seats in the auditorium. In being ready, we communicate love, acceptance and a desire that people come to know the same Jesus who pulled out all the stops so we could be saved!

No Offerings Received Easter Sunday
Thank you for remembering that we received no financial, in person gifts last weekend (tithes and offerings).

Thank You, Volunteers!
A special thank you to Patrina Leland and her host of volunteers, Cindy Sloan, our able office administrator, the Action Team (Jeff and Rosalie), and our worship prompters and media personnel. They delivered way beyond expectation to see this event become reality, despite unusual hardship. Thank you all – so much – I love you!

Pastor Dean