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Posted on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 by Dean Brown

“I’ve made myself available to those who haven’t bothered to ask.
I’m here, ready to be found by those who haven’t bothered to look.
I kept saying, ‘I’m here, I’m right here’ to a nation that ignored me.”
(Isaiah 65: 1-2 The Message)

My grandson, Aaron James Howell, arrived back in New York last week from Canada with his Mom. I’m one happy Grampy. Unfortunately, he has yet to “warm up” to me. Every time I try to hold him, he starts growling and looking for his mother!

It’s amazing how comforted a distressed child can become when her parent is nearby. In our home, if one of the girls got hurt, was afraid, or didn’t know what to do, they turned to Rosalie. Just the knowledge that she was near was all it took for confidence to return and the world to continue turning.

God is our Heavenly Parent. Whether guy or gal, strong or feeble, He’s always present to comfort, counsel, clarify or convict based on our particular need. Can you remember being in a state of confusion and looking into your spirit and praying for help from the Lord? He helped, didn’t He!

Unfortunately, there are people who ignore the presence of God and try to handle life using their own ingenuity. They pride themselves in being tough, tenacious, and thoroughly in control of their emotions. They arrogantly push God away and pretend that He’s just a myth to be smiled at.

One of the things I love about the Lord is that He doesn’t turn away from people who want to try to do life on their own. He’s been around forever and knows human nature really well. He knows that people ignorantly assume they can carry the day without Outside Help. But one day they will cry out to Him. I’ve been around long enough to witnessed strong-willed people enter a crisis and utter these word without thinking, “God, help me!” Deep, human trauma has a way of making us get real with what’s True!

How’s life treating you and yours these days? While you may not be the victim of a terrorist bombing, I can assure you that you are a target of the enemy of your soul. The last thing he wants you to do is trust God to help you with your issues. But throw him a backhand by quieting yourself in the midst of your challenges and hear God speak through Isaiah, the prophet: “I’m here, I’m right here” and know that He is available to you. And you’ll be thrilled by how much He can do for you!

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