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Little Known Facts

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 by Dean Brown

There are little known facts about the people you regularly rub shoulders with that just might surprise you. For instance:

Did you know that I was once an accomplished trumpeter? That’s right! I played my way through high school and college and even got paid for tooting my own horn, as people are wont to say. And I loved it!

Your turn: what little known fact lies buried beneath the surface of your everyday life that few people know about? I bet I’d be surprised if I heard your story!

This Sunday at Vantage Pointe, there will be people in attendance who have surprising stories to tell if only someone would stop and wonder aloud, “Pastor Dean says that each one of us has little know facts just waiting to bubble to the surface of conversation but nobody ever asks them for it. How about you? What little known fact do I not know about you?”

I know, I know. Few people have the courage to approach a friend at church and talk like that but wouldn’t it be interesting if we did? I bet we’d be shocked and quite impressed about what we’d hear. And someone we see regularly would feel validated because we cared enough to get to know them a little better.

Try it! You might like what you learn!

This Sunday at VP

Here’s what’s happening:

  • We’re receiving an offering ($1 per person) to help plant churches like ours across America.
  • I’ll be doing that public speaking thing they call preaching.
  • For anyone interested in learning more about baptism, there’ll be a quick meeting right after church at the front of the auditorium. Drop in and pick up some new information, if you wish.

Easter Weekend 2013

Easter-Egg-stravaganzaEaster Weekend is almost here. Are you signed up to volunteer for the Easter Egg-stravaganza? Have you invited a friend to Easter Sunday yet?

I love Vantage Pointe Church and I know you do, too. And the more we get to know about each other, the better we’ll feel about being a part of such an incredible group of people.

By the way, I’ve heard that each one of us has little known facts just waiting to bubble to the surface of conversation but nobody ever asks for them for it. What little known fact do I not know about you?

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