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I Love to Travel!

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 by Webmaster

From the time I was a little kid, when our family would journey to Maine and Florida to visit relatives, I would get all excited over the thought of packing my bags, finding my seat in the family automobile, and cruising down the road for different venues where I could investigate new and untouched-by-me locations. What could be more fun than traveling the United States of America.

Since those days, I’ve traveled to many sites of interest and even lived in Canada for twenty-nine years. The cultural distinctive, the sights, sounds and experiences of another country, are hard to compare to living in only one place all your life. I’ve been blessed to visit all three countries in North America and live in two!

Jesus loved to travel too, it seems. He was always moving from place to place, purposeful and intent on sharing God’s love and transforming message with those who were there. I wish I could have been on some of his trips, serving as a tour guide. The stories I could tell!

On the Road to EmmausNew Sermon Series This Sunday

Beginning this Sunday, I will begin a new sermon series we’re calling
On the Road to Emmaus: Life Lessons for the Journey:”

Everybody walks the Road of Life. What you experience on the journey depends,in large measure, on who you travel with. Ride with Pastor Dean this month as he turns on God’s GPS and follows God’s plan for a fulfilling life. You’ll be glad you came along! Find out more here.


Daylight Saving TimeDaylight Saving Time

Don’t forget to spring your clocks ahead this weekend so you’ll get to church on time!

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