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Get Your Peeps to Easter Sunday Morning

Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 by VP Office Administrator

Pastor Dean’s Weekly Email
March 8, 2018

What a Morning!
Have you looked out your window? By now, I’m sure you’ve seen or are experiencing what I did this morning: too much snow, too much snow on the car and too much snow for the wiper blade (mine broke off under the stress!). Our second nor’easter has served up a great feast for the skiers and snowmobilers in our region; a curse for those of us who have to drive in it at 5:30 in the morning!

Four More Sundays
We only have four more Sundays before we gather at the Cool Insuring Arena (the civic center) to share the love of Christ with our community. As I drifted off to sleep last night, this thought occurred to me: “If we all do exactly what we did last year to invite our friends to Easter Sunday, then we will get exactly what we got last year – too few people.

How to Get Your Peeps to Easter Sunday Morning
Consider this:

” Make a list of people you will personally invite
” Determine how you will invite each one (call, face-to-face, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FaceTime, hand them an invitation (available this Sunday), email, hang a poster in a local store – you decide)
” Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for those you invite that they will come and experience God on Easter Sunday
” Think creatively: you know who and how to invite your people – just decide and go to it – and make it interesting and creative so they’ll be intrigued by the event!
” Don’t count on the professional advertising (yard signs, colorful sign in front of the arena or Facebook/Twitter). People respond best to people, not signs!
” Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for those of us who are participating in and leading the Easter Sunday Service so we’re anointed by the Holy Spirit for effective ministry
” You can outdo what you did last year – and the fruit of your efforts will be souls touched by the love of God and Vantage Pointe

Four Storm Sundays
Did you realize we had four storms Sundays in February and attendance and offerings suffered as a result? I had been wracking my brain to figure out what to do when it hit me:

We don’t have a snow and ice problem at VP; we have an inviting issue at VP!

There’s no issue happening at Vantage Pointe Church that more people inviting more people won’t fix!

Upcoming Events at Our Church

” 3/11 – Easter Prayer Walk after Church in Downtown Glens Falls
” 3/18 – Food Collection for Kid’s Backpacks
” 3/24 & 25 – VP Women’s Retreat at VP (Caitlin Woods speaking Saturday & Sunday!)
” 3/25 – Final day to get and sell tickets to the Easter Sunday Evening Hockey Game ($15 per ticket and $5 goes to The Open Door!)
” 3/30 – Good Friday Prayer & Worship Gathering at VP
” 3/31 – Prayer and Walk-thru at the Arena
” 4/1 – Easter Sunday at the Arena (10 a.m.)

I love you guys, I love lost people and I’m really loving the thought that you’ll take a little extra time to creatively invite your friends to Easter Sundayat the Cool Insuring Area!

Pastor Dean