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All Hands on Deck!

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 by Dean Brown

When I was a teenager, I’d thought seriously about joining the United States Marine Corp or the United States Navy. I was chosen as the Boy’s State Representative from my school and the Marine Sergeant was impressive, powerful, and full of recruiting vim. I glorified the life of a recruit and could almost hear myself singing “Anchors Away!” with the Navy Chorus. In the end, I didn’t go because another Recruiter got a hold of me and I entered ministerial boot camp and became a Wesleyan pastor instead.

An expression not unfamiliar to a Navy sailor is “All Hands on Deck”, a phrase meant to send waves of responsibility throughout a ship and summon all the sailors to their posts. To hear the Captain call “All Hands on Deck” and not respond would be considered being disobedient to naval authority and a court marshal might just follow soon after things had settled down.

In just a few weeks, it will be Easter Weekend Plus. We’ll host an Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30th, an Easter Sunday/ First Year Anniversary on Sunday, March 31st, and the following Sunday is April 7th which is considered to be “Low Sunday” in most denominations as people drift off after Easter weekend and leave their churches to tough it out. April 7th is also the first week guests from Easter come back to see what the church is really like post-Easter activities.

Why am I telling you this? Because as your Lead Pastor, I’m issuing a call to our people to be “All Hands on Deck” for those two weekends. We need volunteers for the Egg-stravaganza as we’ll be doing two of them that weekend. We also need everyone here to invite their friends to church on Easter Sunday and be present to meet and greet them at church. We also need everyone to be back in church on April 7th so that when our friends return, they don’t find our sailors AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) and decide not to return, either.

Please, please be present with your families and friends for Easter/ Anniversary Weekend and on Sunday, April 7th. It really does matter!

Thank you for your service to your country…er…church, sailor!