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Our Mission and Our Core Values

VP Mission Statement: “We are Disciple Makers

VP Vision Statement: We know that there is nothing more important for us to spend our time and resources on than making disciples for Jesus Christ – as many as we can, wherever we can, with whatever resources we can gather – because we know that people are created to love God, grow in their relationship with Him, and be continuously engaged with serving others who have yet to meet the Lord.

Our Core Values: Our Core Values can be communicated with just three words: Love, Grow, and Engage. These values give us a reason to be very excited about doing church in Upstate New York. Here is what these words mean to us:

  • Love
    Because the love of God captured our hearts and transformed our lives, we now creatively communicate His love with as many people as we possibly can so that they, too, will come to know and love God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Winning people to Jesus Christ is the first step in making more disciples.
  • Grow
    We know that praying a prayer of commitment is not enough for people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to sacrificially living our lives with people who come to faith in Christ so that they will know how to grow in their faith and be encouraged to participate in a clearly-defined process of spiritual formation. This is the second step in making better disciples.
  • Engage
    We have learned that most people will not come to one of our campuses to learn about Jesus or even care that He exists until they experience a positive engagement with a Christ follower in a place where they do life. This compels us to go outside the comfort of our homes and church facilities to connect relationally with people who need to meet the Lord. Engaging spiritually unresolved people with the intent of introducing them to Jesus Christ is the third step in making active disciples.

Until Jesus comes, we will keep on practicing these values with everyone we meet so that they will love God, grow in their faith and engage with others in our region and world.