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Sermon Series: Simply Christian

Posted on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 by Webmaster

Do you ever wonder how to best live the Christian life? After all, we’re bombarded every day with a thousand different brands of religion that at times can cause confusion about how to best live out what we read in our Bibles.

Beginning Sunday, September 7th, Pastor Dean will begin a new series he’s calling “Simply Christian“. Working his way through all five chapters of the Book of James in the New Testament, he’ll walk us through a step-by-step plan for living out our faith in the 21st century.

To get ready for this powerful new series, open your Bible and start reading James for yourself. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read and listen to Pastor Dean share the Word. Commit to obeying whatever it is God shows you in your study. And most of all, prepare to experience spiritual change that will impact every other areas of your life, too!

Weekly Bible Verses and Sermon Titles

Date Bible Verses Title Listen Online
September 7 James 1: 1 Simply Serving Click here
September 14 James 1: 2-4 Simply Tested Click here
September 21 James 1: 5-8 Simply Faithful Click here
September 28 How to Study the Bible
October 5 James 1: 12-18 Simply Tempted
October 12 James 1: 19-25 Simply Doing Click here
October 19 James 1: 26-27 Simply Being Click here
October 26 James 2: 1-13, 5: 1-6 Simply Impartial Click Here
November 2 James 2: 14-16 Simply Working Click Here
November 9 James 3: 1-12, 4: 11-12, 5: 12 Simply Talking Click Here
November 16 James 4: 1-10 Simply Humble Click Here
November 23 James 5: 19-20 Simply Winning

Grab your Bible, a pen, an open heart and an eager mind and plan to attend each Sunday of this exciting new series. It’ll be “simply” amazing!