Moving VP Forward!

Moving VP Forward!

Moving VP Forward!

This Sunday, we have the opportunity to help move Vantage Pointe Church forward in her mission on making disciples for Jesus Christ. During our worship service, we’ll have the opportunity to pay down the debt that we hold as a church family.

Each month, we send $538.00 to our lender on a roofing project that was done in the early-2000’s AD. As of today, we owe $40,556.45. Wouldn’t it be great to use that money each month for ministry and to save toward a facility renovation on our aging building?

There will be bright colored envelopes on your chair on Sunday where we’ll put the special offering. Then, we’ll put the envelopes in the wooden box on the back wall. We’ll notify you by email the total once it’s counted so you’ll know on Sunday how much of our debt we paid off!

Thank you for helping us help VP move forward toward greater spiritual influence in our region!

Pastor Dean

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