About Vantage Pointe Church

About Vantage Pointe Church

Our Calling

We believe God is calling us to fulfill the mission and strategy He’s given us with the view that there is nothing more important for Vantage Pointe than to help our family, friends and new friends become growing disciples of Jesus Christ and to plant new churches that multiply Kingdom impact in our region.We recognize that there are still thousands of people in Glens Falls, New York and surrounding areas who have never found the unfailing love, certain forgiveness, and abounding grace available to them through a personal relationship with Creator God. We know God is calling us to reach men, their families and friends with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Our History

On July 10, 2011, a group of people gathered at a local Italian Restaurant in Queensbury, NY to set the stage for a new Wesleyan Church in the Glens Falls Region.

Led by Pastors Dean and Rosalie Brown, the group began training to become a disciple-making church that would impact the lives of men and women, boys and girls who are on a journey toward eternity.

After some 15 weeks of training, sharing, and sociological research, the fledgling group held their first Sunday service on October 9, 2011 with 36 persons present.

Our Mission and Core Values

VP Mission Statement:  Our disciple-making mission can be communicated in just three words: Love, Grow and Engage. We believe each one of these words serves as a road map for disciplining people in the Christian faith and releasing them to serve in multiplication ministry.

Love God and Others
Grow in our knowledge and experience of God and His ways
Engage with spiritually unresolved people so that they will go to heaven when they die
  • Love – This is the entry point for people at Vantage Pointe Church. As we meet Jesus Christ and fall in love with God, we invest in others so they, too, will meet God and fall in love with Him. The Holy Spirit helps us reach people with the gospel. This value helps us make more disciples.
  • Grow – We know that praying a prayer to receive Christ as Savior is not enough for people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We thus commit ourselves to sacrificially living our lives with people who have come to faith by encouraging them to join a Disciplemaker Group so that they will learn how to grow in their faith and help others do the same. We believe every follower of Christ can help mentor another person. This value helps us make better disciples.
  • Engage – As people are becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and are being mentored in the Christian Faith, we encourage them to intentionally engage with spiritually unresolved people for the purpose of helping them love God and grow in the Christian Faith. Only then will people be able and willing to engage with others outside of our church. This value helps us make active disciples.

Need Information?

Get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!